It appears a team of researchers has taken note of Battros hypothesis and is taking me to task. This is good, science demands challenge and should be vetted.


However, lead author Huapei Wang, a postdoc in MIT’s Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, did leave out some important details. A most essential detail is the estimation of spatial and temporal periods. In my theory, I factor in time spans known as  ‘chrons’ which could be hundreds of thousands of years.

Within such geomagnetic chron periods a process known as magnetic reversal ‘excursions’. Excursions, unlike full reversals, are generally not recorded around the entire globe. This is partially due to them not being recorded within the sedimentary record, but also because they likely do not extend through the entire geomagnetic field. One of the first excursions to be studied was the Laschamp event, dated at around 40,000 years ago. Since this event has also been seen in sites around the globe, it is suggested as one of the few examples of a truly global excursion.

In an article published Oct. 22nd 2015, I did state the following: “Perhaps within the next 20-30 years, there will be people alive today who will witness the process of magnetic north bouncing around the northern hemisphere above 60° latitude and swing between 30° east and 30° west longitudes. Furthermore, there will be some of you who are young enough to witness a more pronounced swing in both latitude and longitude as magnetic north will drop below the equator within the next 50-60 years.”

My research suggests we are well within a 40,000 year cycle and supporting evidence is the fact the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening 10x faster than previous estimates. Additionally, the Earth’s core is becoming overheated, therefore, producing an increase of mantle plume activity. I do suggest there is a probable correlation with Earth’s 40,000 year equatorial precession (Earth’s tilt).

In brief; I will stick by my theory suggesting within the next 50 years, those young enough today will be witness to a ‘magnetic excursion’ which could possibly trigger a heightened global alert similar to the 1999 “Y2K” event (or non-event). All military and civilian Airlines will have to calibrate their instruments on a 3-7 day regiment, GPS satellites will also go through a huge task or re-orientation, and the new “smart power grids” will surely be tested due to the influx of charged particles as a result of an ongoing weakening magnetic field.

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