Hundreds of villagers living near Mount Sinabung, one of Indonesia’s 130 active volcanoes, have been forced to evacuate as authorities fear a major eruption.

This picture taken in Karo on June 13, 2015 shows a close-up of hot lava running down from Mount Sinabung. Nearly 3,000 people have been evacuated from their homes after Indonesia upgraded the threat posed by Sinabung volcano on Sumatra island to the highest level, an official said on June 4, 2015. AFP PHOTO / SUTANTA ADITYASUTANTA ADITYA/AFP/Getty Images

Dormant for more than 400 years, the volcano woke up on August 29, 2010, and has since erupted on six occasions. The latest activity has vulcanologists worried, the Associated Press reports, prompting authorities to raise the alert status to its highest level.

Government vulcanologist Gede Suantika told AP that at least 28 hot ash avalanches occurred Monday, with indications that the crater’s lava dome continues to grow in size. On June 2, it was estimated to measure estimated 3 million cubic meters (106 million cubic feet).

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