The volcano remains active at low to moderate levels (seismicity and emissions). It continues to produce ash emissions that usually drift westwards and rise approx. 3280 feet (1km) from the crater.


The government continues to train local people from potentially endangered zones, responsible for small groups, to be prepared and react in case of emergency. Measures include lectures on contingency planning on family level, emergency kits and evacuation route maps.

The activity at volcano continues, but has been less intense during the past days. Weak to moderate intermittent explosions produce ash plumes that vary in height from a few hundred to 3000 feet (1km).

The ash was analyzed in a Belgian laboratory and apparently consists only of fragmented older rocks from the upper conduit. This means that the activity so far has been phreatic in origin and not involved fresh magma. It remains uncertain whether or not it will lead to magmatic activity, i.e. whether or not fresh magma arrives at the vent.

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